Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More SNMP polling with ITM 6

Another SNMP polling example using ITM 6...

Windows LAN Manager MIB II provides an OID for services that are running on a box. Here is an example of how you could pull this data back into TEP by polling the SNMP agent on Windows. Why use SNMP? Maybe there are servers in your company that are SNMP-centric and the owners not allow other agents to be installed on the box.

Here's an example metafile I created to pull running services from Windows LAN Manager. This requires that the Windows SNMP Services is started, and configured properly.

//APPL LAN_Mgr server
//NAME svDescription K 300 @SNMP poll attribute group lDiskFreeMegabytes
Agent_Info D 128 0.0 @SNMP host name
Agent_Name D 64 KEY 0.0 @SNMP hostname relating to specific sample of data
svSvcEntry D 255

Once your new SNMP application comes online in TEP, right-click it and select Take Action>Select>Monitor Start. FOr AgentInfo put your server names. You can add individual community strings per host like this - {foo community},{bar community}, or you can add global community strings with KUMP_SNMP_NET_COMMUNITY in the environment file.

Refresh your TEP workspace and you will see SNMP MIB data coming back from the SNMP agent to TEP. From here you can display, monitor of warehouse the data as needed.

Again this example is just to help get you started with SNMP polling in ITM 6. Hope it helps.

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