Tuesday, March 11, 2008

gbscmdv2 - Do more with SOAP

The initial version of gbscmd showed how to do some simple tasks using Perl and SOAP. In this version, we have added some more cool features such as ability to do SQL queries on EIB database, error capturing, listing Manage System Lists, policies, etc. Read more .....

The new release contains all the functionalities of gbscmd v1. In addition, it introduces the following new features.

Query EIB Database Information using SQL queries
The new version of gbscmd has the ability to execute SQL Queries against the EIB database. This opens up lot of possibilities as one can view information about Managed System Lists, Policies, Situations, Actions, etc using the SQL queries.

For example, to get a list of policies and their autostart attribute, use the following SQL.


The following SQL query lists the managed systems and their status.
./gbscmd executesql --server --sql "SELECT NODE, O4ONLINE FROM O4SRV.INODESTS" --table O4SRV.UTCTIME

There are more SQL queries like the above to list situations, action definitions, MSL information etc.

Specifying different delimiters for output
Comma (,) is the default delimiter for displaying the SQL results. You can modify this behavior by specifying a different delimiter in "--delimiter" switch.

For example, the following command would display the same output as above but with semicolon as delimiter.
./gbscmd executesql --server --sql "SELECT NODE, O4ONLINE FROM O4SRV.INODESTS" --table O4SRV.UTCTIME --delim ';'

List all Managed System Lists or view a MSL
Well, using the above SQL queries, one can list the Managed System definitions. IV Blankenship wrote an article about managing MSL but just to make things easier, you can list the MSL information by using the following command.
perl gbscmd listmsl --server
perl gbscmd viewmsl --server --msl "*NT_SYSTEM"

Listing all Policy definitions or view information about particular policy

Similarly, you can view list of policies and policy attributes using listpol/viewpol commands.
perl gbscmd listpol --server
perl gbscmd viewpol --server --policy "NT_Process_CPU"


gbscmd is freely available for registered users. Are you a registered user? If so, please contact Tony Delgross by email at tony_delgross@gulfsoft.com or by phone at 919-206-4466. We apologize for the inconvenience. At GulfBreeze, We are fully committed to contributing to Tivoli community and to our customers, but some of our competitors exploit our good intentions deliberately. We are working on making this process as painless as possible for our users but please bear with us until then. Thank you very much for your understanding.

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