Thursday, March 13, 2008

ITM Agent Extractor Tool

One of the installation differences between ITM 6.1 TEMA installation and the Tivoli Endpoint installation is that ITM 6.1 does NOT provide a separate installation image for TEMA installation. So, if you want to install a particular TEMA, you need to copy the whole ITM installation image, which is huge (520 megs) and not practical to do it. At GulfBreeze, we have come up with a simple tool to extract only the required files from the installation image and wrap them in a tar file. This article discusses more about this tool.

How do I extract only the required files from ITM install image?

We have a simple script and associated config file to do this. Just click here to download this tool and transfer it to a Unix/Linux host. Sorry, it won't work on Windows because there is no standard archiving tool available in Windows.

To extract the required files for NT OS agent, execute the following command from the root of ITM install image. This will create a tar file named, NT.tar in the TARGET_DIR location specified in the config file.

$ \/projects/itm61/bin/ NT

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Prem Raju said...

Does anyone know if there is a way to get the agent version with gbscmd?

-Prem Selvaraj