Friday, August 14, 2020

ServiceNow ITOM Health - Using a complex algorithm to bind an Alert to a CI

 By default with ServiceNow ITOM Health Event Management, an Alert is bound to a CI following this flowchart:

In 95-99% of implementations, you should work to configure components appropriately to leverage the above flow. 

However, there are some number of unique cases where you need to do something extremely specific that falls outside of the above decision-making process. For those cases, you will want to modify one or more of the Advanced Scripts under Event Management->Settings in the navigator. Specifically, to change the bound CI, you would modify the EvtMgmtCustom_PostBind_Create script to suit your needs. In this script, you can do anything you want to the alert GlideRecord before it's actually written to the database. 

Read the warnings in the script definition to realize that you do NOT want to modify this script unless you know what you're doing and have some very efficient code to run. But for those few cases where you need to set the bound CI according to some esoteric algorithm, this script is where it can be done.