Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some possible responses to TADDM Error CTJTD3602E

IBM's documentation contains the following description of this error:

CTJTD3602E: The Change Manager is still processing. Wait and retry the discovery at a later time.

Explanation: The Change Manager is still running to process recent changes discovered. The discovery cannot be started until the Change Manager completes.

Operator Response: None.

Administrator Response: Allow time for the Change Manager to complete its processing before starting a discovery.

Programmer Response: None.

What we have found is that this condition can possibly occur for at least a couple of different reasons. The two situations we've found have been:

1. There was a deadlock on the database that we had to clear. A "little while" after we cleared the lock, we were able to successfully run a discovery again without receiving the error message.

2. The change manager partially ran, but didn't update the CHANGE_SERVER_STATUS table. Specifically, it left the value of the STATUS column set to 16 for the last discovery. To fix this, we had to run the following SQL:

update DB2TADDM.CHANGE_SERVER_STATUS set status = 17

This updates the STATUS column for all rows in the table. You could limit it with a WHERE clause, but in our case, it was valid as is.

We then needed to stop and restart TADDM, and the error message went away.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Identifying newly added systems in Tivoli Monitoring using GBSCMD

Hope you have been using the GBSCMD utility developed by Gulf Breeze for Tivoli Monitoring product.
In the latest version of GBSCMD (V3.7.1), there is a cool new feature added to the program. With "gbscmd listnewsystems", it can list the recently deployed systems in the environment along with the deployed time and the type of the agent.  With this feature, you can setup "after-install" policy scripts in ITM  just like Framework with little scripting.
Note: IV Blankenship wrote a blog article (http://www.gulfsoft.com/blog_new/print.php?sid=322) about this idea sometime back. 
Please note that the list of new systems is lost when TEMS is recycled, so you need to make sure this information is saved in a persistent store like a database or flatfile.
You can download the latest documentation for GBSCMD from the following link.
Not yet subscribed to GBSCMD. Please contact us from your company email and we will send you a copy. Don't worry we will use the email only to send you future updates to GBSCMD. For those, who already subscribed to GBSCMD, we will send an update this week.
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