Monday, February 1, 2010

Identifying newly added systems in Tivoli Monitoring using GBSCMD

Hope you have been using the GBSCMD utility developed by Gulf Breeze for Tivoli Monitoring product.
In the latest version of GBSCMD (V3.7.1), there is a cool new feature added to the program. With "gbscmd listnewsystems", it can list the recently deployed systems in the environment along with the deployed time and the type of the agent.  With this feature, you can setup "after-install" policy scripts in ITM  just like Framework with little scripting.
Note: IV Blankenship wrote a blog article ( about this idea sometime back. 
Please note that the list of new systems is lost when TEMS is recycled, so you need to make sure this information is saved in a persistent store like a database or flatfile.
You can download the latest documentation for GBSCMD from the following link.
Not yet subscribed to GBSCMD. Please contact us from your company email and we will send you a copy. Don't worry we will use the email only to send you future updates to GBSCMD. For those, who already subscribed to GBSCMD, we will send an update this week.
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Blue Medora Staff said...

Gulf Breeze's continued contributions to the Tivoli user community are to be applauded.

It's hard not to admire how useful GBSCMD can be in a variety of scenarios.