Monday, March 20, 2017

Come by booth 568 at #IBMInterConnect to demystify DevOps from an Operations perspective

There is a LOT of chatter about DevOps, but all of it seems to leave Operations almost completely out of the picture. Come to our booth to get our take on DevOps including:

- DevOps tries to encourage Development to do *some* amount of automation and monitoring.

- Your Operations department needs to provide Dev teams with policies for integrating their apps into your monitoring​ and event management system.

- Your Operations department needs to learn a little about software development so you can help educate your Enterprise on exactly how DevOps can fit into your environment.

- Your Operations department needs to learn enough about Agile (specifically Scrum and Kanban) to participate in relevant conversations when the topics arise.

- and more.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Visit us at booth 568 at IBM InterConnect March 19-23 in Las Vegas

Get out to IBM InterConnect 2017!

Stop by booth S568 in the Hybrid Cloud area to talk to us about:

- Our recent and historical successes helping customers like you deploy IBM products.

- IBM's comprehensive suite of ITSM tools, including Netcool, IBM Control Desk, IBM Performance Management, and TADDM.

- How you can effectively use an Agile methodology in your journey to realizing DevOps.

- Different strategies for effective deployments.

- Effectively consolidating and integrating your existing toolsets to your best advantage.

and many more topics!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

How to start a Netcool OMNIbus implementation

Someone posed this question on IBM Developerworks today, and I wanted to share the answer I provided, since it contains quite a few useful links:

Automated testing for IBM Control Desk

Last year IBM made available the Selenium Automation Toolkit for Maximo, which includes IBM Control Desk. More information can be found here:

More information about Selenium itself can be found here:

IBM uses Selenium in several tools, including IBM Performance Manager and IBM Application Performance Manager. Essentially, it's used for recording and playing back web browser interactions.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Maximo: How to view data from an arbitrary table

I recently had a need to view data in a Maximo table, but didn't have direct access to the database. So I wanted to find a way to use the Maximo Application Developer to get me this data. As I thought, it's very straightforward. Basically, you just need to create, configure, authorize and launch a dialog that specifies the table (MBO) as its source.

Mainly, follow the thorough instructions found here:

The parts of interest are:

In the dialog element, specify the appropriate mboname:

<dialog id="Testing" mboname="WARRANTYVIEW" label="Contract financial info" >

In this example, the MBO is "WARRANTYVIEW".

Also, you need to specify your MBO's attributes in with the "dataatribute" attribute of each appropriate control:

<textbox id="finaninfo_grid_s1_1"dataattribute="totalcost" />

In this case, "totalcost" is the name of the attribute that will be displayed. Yours will be different.

And that's it for my usecase. The MBO used by the dialog doesn't have to have any relationship to the main MBO attached to the application.

Friday, December 16, 2016

An awesome video on IBM Network Performance Insights 1.2

If you're not a member of the IBM Middleware User Community, you'll need to sign up for free to access this video, but I think it's well worth it:

Here are a couple of screenshots to show you the kind of detail covered:

The speakers in the video are:

Krishna Kodali, Sr. Software Engineer, IBM - Krishna Kodali is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM, he provides support and consultation for Netcool Product Suite. He has been working with Netcool Product Suite since 2005 and is a worldwide Subject Matter Expert (SME) for IBM Tivoli Network Manager (ITNM). He offers guidance in design and implementation for any size of deployment. Krishna has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and is a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). He specializes in Network Technologies, System Management, IT Service Management, Virtualization, SNMP and Netcool.

John Parish, Technical Enablement Specialist, IBM - John Parish has been teaching IBM courses for the past 10 years.