Wednesday, December 18, 2013

APM UI 7.7 and Mobile Support

APM UI 7.7 and Mobile Support

If you currently using APM UI 7.6.x on mobile devices, I would currently recommend keeping the APM UI 7.6.x around and running.  Keeping both running should not be an issue, since APM UI 7.6 uses TIP and APM UI 7.7 uses Liberty.

When testing APM UI 7.7 on an IPAD running IOS 7.0.4 the user interface was not usable.  I saw the following issues:

1.  Everything was not visible on the screen right to left on IBM provided widgets.  This was even after collapsing the left pane.
2.  I could not scroll down to see the data on all widgets.

Based on the following Dev Works post from IBM, I believe true mobile support is not expected till March.

NOTE:  We also found the following in the manuals:
To avoid conflicts with the SCR of Tivoli Business Service Manager, do not install SmartCloud Application Performance Management UI and Tivoli Business Service Manager on the same computer. 

This is probably due to the fact the TBSM schema and APM UI are very similar.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

APM UI 7.7 is GA

APMUI 7.7 is GA

APMUI 7.7 is GA as of 12/13/13.

Part Numbers for download:
  • Windows - CIR57ML
  • AIX - CIR58ML
  • Linux X - CIR59ML
  • Linux Z - CIR5AML

Quick Highlights:
1.  Requires use of derby or DB2 database
2.  Uses Tivoli Blaze
3.  WebSphere Liberty Core
4.  Does NOT use TIP 2.x as the Application Server anymore.

New Widgets:
1.  DataPower
2.  Exchange 2013 Server
3.  .NET Framework
4.  Plus more ....

New Features Overview:

I will update the GBS blog over the next few days once we get this up and running in the lab.