Sunday, December 15, 2013

APM UI 7.7 is GA

APMUI 7.7 is GA

APMUI 7.7 is GA as of 12/13/13.

Part Numbers for download:
  • Windows - CIR57ML
  • AIX - CIR58ML
  • Linux X - CIR59ML
  • Linux Z - CIR5AML

Quick Highlights:
1.  Requires use of derby or DB2 database
2.  Uses Tivoli Blaze
3.  WebSphere Liberty Core
4.  Does NOT use TIP 2.x as the Application Server anymore.

New Widgets:
1.  DataPower
2.  Exchange 2013 Server
3.  .NET Framework
4.  Plus more ....

New Features Overview:

I will update the GBS blog over the next few days once we get this up and running in the lab.


Robert said...

I think you mean "Doesn't use TIP 2.x"

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the catch. I updated the blog post.