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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Launch a page in JazzSM DASH without login page

The following is from an IBM Communities post on this topic by Detlef Kleinfelder . The link is also included, but those see to go dead on IBM's site, which is why I'm including the text:

you can launch a page directly with URL provinding the page id and an user-based token.

The user-based token has the encoded username and password that is used to authenticate and launch a page.


The URL convention is https://<FQDN>:16311/ibm/action/launch/<PageID>/<xlaunchCred>


FQDN = Fully Qualified Domain Name or IP address
PageID = The Page ID of the DASH page
xlaunchCred = The user-based token generated by xlaunchapi.jar

The following STEPS will walk you through to obtain the required parameters:


  1. Get the Page ID of the DASH page. For example, to get the Page ID of DASH About Page, open the About page and click on the "Page" icon at the top right corner and click "About". The Page ID is under "General"

  1. Generate the  user-based token using xlaunchapi.jar, ensure all text in the command are all in one line as shown:
    ./java -cp /<JazzSM_HOME>/profile/installedApps/JazzSMNode01Cell/isc.ear/xlaunchapi.jar\$Encode <username> <password>

  • Replace <username> and <password> with the user you want to Single Sign On.


  • The command will return a string like:

  • L2NvbS5pYm0uaXNjLnhsYXVuY2gudXNlcm5hbWUvc21hZG1pbi9jb20uaWJtLmlzYy54bGF1bmNoLnBhc3N3b3JkL29iamVjdDAw

  1. Following the URL convention, https://<FQDN>:16311/ibm/action/launch/<PageID>/<xlaunchCred>, launch the DASH About Page. The page will launch without manually entering login and password.