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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Configuring DASH/JazzSM and WebGUI HA using an ObjectServer database

 There is a great support article on this exact topic here:

There are just a few caveats that need I need to point out:

1. Use the webha.sql file from the above link to create the ObjectServer database. There are two similar files on your DASH/JazzSM server after the install, but both are incorrect.

2. The instructions in the link for configuring WebSphere are all manual, through the WebSphere Admin Console. To make things more easily repeatable, I created a file with all of the Jython WebSphere administrative commands required. Here are the contents of that file:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Adding a custom Java portlet to the TIP for use with WebTop, WebGUI, TBSM, etc.


This article has been removed because it worked for very specific versions of products, but not for the latest versions, and customers were calling Tivoli support to open PMRs when it didn't work. If you're trying to add a portlet, this is CUSTOM work, for which you should not open a PMR.

So I'll revisit this issue when I have time to test with the latest and greatest versions. Until then, if you would like the article, you can send me an email at frank dawt tate aat gulfsoft dot com.