Monday, February 22, 2021

A new book on ServiceNow Event Management is available!

I just published my first book, Migrating to ServiceNow Event Management. In it, I provide tips and recommendations for migrating from an existing event management system to ServiceNow ITOM Event Management. The book provides details on some of the differences that exist between ServiceNow and event management systems that are not integrated with a CMDB. A large part of the book is devoted to the organizational information you need to capture to ensure a successful migration. 

It's available on Amazon in paperback or on Kindle.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Call PowerShell script from batch file using a pseudo here file

 If you made it through the title of this post, you're in the right place. Due to security restrictions on a Windows 10 machine I was using, I needed to run a group of PowerShell commands in a single command from a batch file, and I found the solution here:

Basically, you enclose the whole set of commands in curly braces, encode those to a Base64 string, then pass that encoded string to the PowerShell command with the -EncodedCommand parameter. This encoded string is the "pseudo here file" mentioned in the title.

I needed the same code run every time, so the manual step of copy-and-pasting the encoded string wasn't a problem for me. If you need to programattically modify the code that needs to run, you're on your own.