Thursday, March 13, 2008

Universal agent - remote MDL import

Universal agents works great when you have fewer systems deploy to. But if you have more than a handful of systems, it is very tedious to log on to each system, bring up universal message console and import the MDLs. However, ITM provides couple of ways to import the MDLs remotely and this article discusses those methods.

From Universal Message Console (KUMPCON)

To remotely import the MDL from Universal Message Console (KUMPCON), you should first transfer the MDL to the remote system. Then, use the SET command in the console, to point it to remote host. After running SET command, you should be able to import the MDL using the import command. Please note that if you are importing using validate command, the file should be present on the local filesystem as well.

import example.mdl

From TEPS Portal Client

Another easy way is to use the TEPS portal server to remotely import the MDL. All you have to do is to transfer the MDL to the remote system, right click the UAGENT node -> Take Action -> Select/Edit -> Control Import. If you had already imported the metafile before, you will have to choose Control Refresh instead of Control Import. It will throw a little popup to enter the metafile name, enter the full path or relative path to the //um/metafiles directory, make sure that the correct target system is selected for import and click OK. That's it!

I hope this makes it little easier for you to import MDLs on multiple systems.

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