Friday, March 14, 2008

ITM Events with wrong severity - A fix

If you are running ITM with fixpack 02 or later, then you might have noticed that ITM events from TEC are sent with a severity (usually UNKNOWN) different from the one specified in situation. This article explains a fix for this problem.

There are two issues here. One, there is a new parameter that should be added to KFWENV since FP02. Without this parameter, TEPS will incorrectly store the severity field (SITINFO) inside the situation definition. Second, after setting this parameter, we still need to manually modify the existing situations to have correct severity.

Adding new parameter to KFWENV/cq.ini

Edit your KFWENV/cq.ini file, add KFW_CMW_SET_TEC_SEV=Y to it. This parameter will take care of setting correct severity within the situation definitions.

Modifying severity in existing situations

Using a simple tacmd viewsit, you can export the situation definitions, modify the SITINFO field to right severity and import it using tacmd createsit command. But it is too destructive as it involves deleting the existing situation and creating new one.

One relatively easy method is to use gbscmd. If you would like to learn more about gbscmd, please read this article. For example, the following gbscmd changes the situation severity on the fly.

gbscmd executesql --auth --sql "UPDATE O4SRV.TSITDESC SET SITINFO='' WHERE SITNAME=''" --table O4SRV.UTCTIME

The new sitinfo should be exactly like the previous sitinfo field but with the severity changed to correct one.

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