Thursday, March 13, 2008

SNMP MIB to UA Conversion Utility

This was finally released out on OPAL.

It's a java utility that converts a MIB to both an mdl and trapcnfg file. We tested the utility today and used it to create trapcnfg entries for a Compaq MIB. To test, we used Trap Console ( to send mock traps to it and it works like a charm.

You can also use the mdl it creates for MIB data collection. For example monitoring Compaq drive status by polling the SNMP agent. Read on for details..

Here is the syntax of the utility:

java -jar MibUtility.jar -d directory [-a] {[-b batchFile] | [-m moduleName -r regpointName]}

Here is how we used it during testing:

java -jar MibUtility.jar -d c:\testmib -m CPQHOST-MIB -r cpqHoComponent

The traps will show up in TEPS under SNMP-MANAGER TRAP workspace.

From there you can write a situation to monitor the contents of the trap.

See this previous article for help with using the mdl for MIB data collection.

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