Thursday, March 13, 2008

UPDATED - Netview 7.1.5 vs PrecisionIP v3.6

What's the difference between the two products? A lot. Let's start with the names. Netview is the product that we have used on Unix and Intel platforms for many years. PrecisionIP is a Netcool product that will, in time, replace Netview.

Netview 7.1.5 is a decimal release upgrade to our old Netview. Support has been added for duplicate IP addresses, SNMP v2/v3 support, layer 2 support (with implementation of Switch Analyzer). The product NO LONGER requires Framework for installation, can still be integrated with it.

PrecisionIP has duplicate IP address support, full SNMP v2/v3 support, layer 2 and 3 support built-in, MPLS & ATM protocol support and the root cause analysis is superb. Precision is not Framework based, but does rely on the Omnibus and License Manager and Security Manager. PrecisionIP can also utilize the web based interface called WebTOP '?a much improved way to view and work over the Netview GUI.

Netview is still a simple product to get out and installed quickly and get good functionality. PrecisionIP is a little more intense to install and configure, but the capabilities and capacity far outwiegh Netview.

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