Thursday, March 13, 2008

Three simple rules for Universal agent naming

Most of you know that the Universal application naming is very restrictive. Sometimes, we spend lot of hours troubleshooting universal agent issues only to figure out later that the issue was caused by bad application naming. This article lists three simple rules for naming your Universal agent applications.

Name your application using 3 letters

You could use more than three letters for application name but only the first three letters matter and they should be unique.

Avoid names starting with 'K'

In ITM 6.1, application names starting with 'K' are reserved. Avoid them.

Avoid special characters

Universal agent application naming convention allows few special characters such as underscore but not all of them. Just to keep your application naming convention simple, avoid any special characters and instead use only numbers or alphabets.

Hope this saves some time during your next UA development.

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