Thursday, March 13, 2008

Historical Data Collection Tip - Patience!

After installing and configuration Warehouse data collection, there is no data flowing into your database? This article explains how long you need to wait for data to appear.

If you have enabled historical data collection, give about 25 hours or longer before checking for the historical data in the warehouse database. No matter, how much you pound your tables and bang your keyboard, ITM seems to take little more than a day for data to appear.

Why does it take so long? There is a reason for that. In historical data collection, the last 24 hour of data is stored on the TEMA (if you configured to store the data on TEMA) and the first time the historical data collection start, the information will be stored at the TEMA for the first 24 hours and only on the 25th hour, the data will start flowing in.

This assumes that your warehouse data collection is set to every 1 hour. However, if your WPA data collection interval is set to 1 day, you might even wait longer times before you start seeing data.

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