Wednesday, March 12, 2008

UPDATE: Are you ready for changes to Daylight Saving Time in 2007?

Hopefully you all are aware of the upcoming changes to Daylight Saving Time in 2007 and you have already begun the process of researching and testing appropriate fixes for your environment. If you haven't heard about the 2007 DST changes, here's a short recap:

In 2005 the Energy Policy Act was signed into law extending Daylight Saving Time in the United States. Starting in 2007 Daylight Saving Time will begin on the second Sunday in March (instead of the first Sunday in April) and ends on the first Sunday in November (instead of the last Sunday in October).

Here are a couple of links for more information and the history of DST:
Infoplease: DST
History of DST

The change to 2007's DST start and end times affects all systems that rely on time zone-based date and time functions. Which means that you will need to update or apply fixes/workarounds to everything from operating systems, applications and databases to Palm and Blackberry devices and of course IBM products and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

IBM has already released fixes for AIX, DB2, WAS and numerous Tivoli and Netcool products with more to follow. If you haven't already started, make sure you keep checking the IBM Support site and all of your product vendor sites for new fixes and announcements as they become available.

Here is a good starting point that includes links to fixes for OS's, JREs and ITM5.1.x:
Daylight Saving Time Info for IBM Tivoli Monitoring

Good Luck!

UPDATE: IBM Support site has recently posted a page specifically to get the current status of fix availability for the 2007 DST changes across their entire product line.

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