Thursday, March 13, 2008

Questions about TEPS on Internet Explorer 7.0?

Microsoft, after a long time, released its newest browser, Internet Explorer 7.0. At GulfBreeze, we tested this new browser for TEPS compatibility and here are our test results.

Does TEPS work with IE 7.0?

Yes, TEPS Client works fine with IE 7.0.

Does IBM support it?

It is a tricky question! We have not found any communique indicating the new browser is supported. And, the Installation Guide says only "Internet Explorer 6" is supported. (Remember the Installation Guide is about an year old). So, if you ask a lawyer or a language police, he/she would probably say that it is NOT supported. Check with your IBM representative on this!

Is there anything I have to do after IE upgrade?

It is recommended that you clear the JRE Cache after the IE upgrade so that new applet will get downloaded. To do this goto Control Panel -> Java Plug In, click on the Cache tab, click Clear and click Apply.

Is there any side effect of upgrading to IE 7.0?

Well, it is working fine in our test environment without any issues. However, there are couple of minor side effects that you should be aware of. One, the viewing area of IE 7.0 is vastly greater than that of IE 6.0. This will slightly affect the way your workspace display in the browser and if you are a finicky person, you may have to re-align your workspaces for IE 7.0.

How about memory?

Based on our unscientific tests, we found that IE 7.0 takes slightly more memory than IE 6.0. Again there were several factors that could have influenced this and not necessarily IE 7.0 itself, but when we observed the memory usage while bringing up the portal, it was 203 Megabytes for IE 6 while IE 7.0 consumed about 214.8 Megabytes.

Hope you find this useful.

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