Thursday, March 13, 2008

ITM 6.1 Fix Pack 4 - Installation Experience - Linux

So I just got done installing Fix Pack 4 on a Red Hat 4 server and thought I would share some my experiences.

My first comment is - WOW!!!

The installation has been totally rewritten to look like an ITM installation, on Linux I simply ran ./ The installer found my existing agents and told me it had to shut them down - how polite is that...

My patch proceed by asking me what I wanted to do - install products locally or install to a depot. Yes - the depot management has changed too. I upgraded my depot through the script - I didn't have to do anything un-natural. Surprised? I was.

I selected to install products locally and it present me with a list upgrade options - Server Support, Agent, Browser Agent, etc... I went through each selection and chose to upgrade all components. The Linux OS agent is still at version 6.1.3 (FP3) so upgrading the OS agent on Linux does not give you anything.

After the install routines completed, it restarted my agents. This is where I noticed my first problem. My agents did not show online after the agent restart. I waited 15 minutes, went and got a drink and they still did not show online. So, I manually restarted the agents one at a time. They came back in as new agents. So, under my Linux server I had one Linux OS agent OFFLINE and one Linux OS agent ONLINE. This also repeated on my Unix Log and Universal agents. I'm still investigating this and trying to recreate it.

I did run ./itmcmd support -t hub_name pc (where pc is the product code for each agent). This completed successfully. It was not clear, if this step was required or if it was covered in the install routine - since there was not error stating the product support was all ready installed, I have to assume this process is required. In all, I ran the command on these product codes, um - ux - lz - nt - a4 - sy and tm.

Everything else seems to be working, I still have all my TEP workspaces and my Data Warehouse is still populating and summarizing. I did notice that the TEC GUI Integration software has been updated - that's great since it adds the ability to link to Situation Event results from the TEP.

One of the major enhancements I was expecting was the use of Embedded Websphere on the TEP server. I don't see anything new on my TEPS in terms of processes or look and feel. I'm a little disappointed - but I'll live. There were supposed to be enhancements to the Take Action function too - but if there is, it's transparent.

I will post more information when I have time, I will be upgrading a Windows 2003 HUB and TEP soon too - I will post that separately.

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