Thursday, March 13, 2008

ITM 6.1 Universal agent trick

One of the known issues with ITM 6.1 universal agent is that in a multi-TEMS environment, UA will not work correctly because application support is installed only on one computer. This article lists two ways to resolve the issue.

Copy cat and atr files

The main problem with the UA in a multi-TEMS environment is that the application support files need to be copied from the RTEMS to the HUB TEMS manually. You could achieve this by manually copying xxxCAT00 and xxxATR00 files from your RTEMS to the hub tems. (xxx is the three character application name from your MDL).
This step might require a restart of Hub TEMS.

Re-connect your UA to Hub TEMS

This is a much easier method than manually copying files. Run "itmcmd config -A um" or MTEMS GUI to reconnect the Universal agent to the hub TEMS. Recycle UA. When the UA connects, it automatically populate the application support files on the TEMS, in this case hub. Don't forget to reconnect the UA back to the RTEMS once the application support files are installed.

Hope you find it useful.

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