Saturday, March 15, 2008

TPM 5.1.1 is now available

Posted by: martinc on Dec 21, 2007 - 02:46 PM

The Christmas present everyone was waiting for :)
So what is new and improved?

The biggest focus on the new version was the installer. Anyone who has tried to install TPM 5.1 knows that it just did not work. I know that installs for me were < 50% successful on the first try. Even with the exact same VM images from attempt to attempt. In the new version, I did not have a failure on the 4 times that I installed. Sweet!

There is also more support for different topologies. In the previous version, getting TPM to use a remote database was a post install step. Now it is part of the installer.

Some of the new features are:
Agent less inventory scanning - there is no longer a requirement to have the agent installed on a system to perform an inventory scan. The scan will copy the required files to the target, initiate the scan and return the results to the DCM

Web Replay - This was available in a "beta" in 5.1 but is now part of the install. Web replay allows for some automation of tasks. Some tasks within TPM take many steps to complete and for the most part do not require any input. A recording of the steps can be done to "automate" some steps and stop at prompts for others.

Unknown device management - When discovering devices and an error is encountered, the device is dropped and not recorded in the DCM. Now the device will be recorded but will require some manual steps to complete the discovery. This is useful when a device is discovered but the user name and password are not correct. A new discovery can be done with the correct information on the unknown device.

Enhanced Discovery - When discovering SMB or SSH devices, the discovery can be done in one discovery configuration rather than two separate discovery configurations. This is mainly a time saver so that the same subnet does not need to be scanned twice.

There have also been many changes in the user interface to improve performance and readability.

My Comments
So far I have been pretty impressed by the installer and some of the changes made to the interface. I know that the agent less inventory scanning has been something that people were asking for and it does work! As I said before, the installer did work very nice. One of the big changes in the install is that by default it only uses local OS authentication (much like the fast start install). There is documentation and scripts to allow for easy configuration of TDS or MSAD (read only).

I will get some screen shots and other comments in the new year.

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Unknown said...

I work with TPM for Software, and i have 1 question: is it normal, that an installation (normally half minute, Mozilla Firefox) takes 1 hour with TPM for Software? Or it is just because of the misconfiguration of the common agent? I havent found anything about it in the documentation.

Martin Carnegie said...

If the distribution is done through SDI, then yes this is normal. There is a polling interval set in the agent that is by default set to 60 minutes.

Check out:
Agent Config:

DMS Config:

By default it can take up to 75 minutes for a distribution to start.

Unknown said...

Thx for your answer!
But i have already installed the common agents to my computers. Is it possible to configure this polling interval after the installation? Or only a reinstall will help me?
Thx forward

Martin Carnegie said...

This is a topic that I have covered in my class. There is a workflow that IBM created to do what you are asking. The workflow name is CDS_Set_Parameter. You can either run this from the automation section or you can create a task out of it if you need to run it for many targets.

Hope that helps