Thursday, March 13, 2008

Getting cool with IBM Tivoli/Netcool

As you may well know, Netcool like Tivoli is a very long listed suite of products. This doc provides a few links to resources you may find helpful in getting up to speed with some of the products included in the Netcool suite.

1. For Netcool Documentation click HERE

The above link also contains PDF formats of the documentation. The documentation includes amongst other things administration guides and user guides for products like Netcool/Omnibus, Netcool/Webtop, Flex License Manager, Netcool/Security Manager, Netcool GUI Foundation, Netcool/Precision IP, most is not all the probes, etc.

2. For Netcool User Group HERE

You'll find the folks here very helpful. And of course Gulf Breeze is always ready to help when the going gets rough.

3. For Netcool Certification HERE

The Tivoli Netcool Core V1.0 certification consists of three exams as shown on the page referenced by the above link. Though the certification lists Webtop V1.3.1, please note that the latest version is Webtop V2.0

4. From the Gulf Breeze Software Team

a. Netcool Overview for newbies

b. What's a Netcool Probe?

c. Netcool Precision and Omnibus Screenshots

d. Extracting Omnibus Events

e. NetCool License Server Installation Problems

f. UPDATED - Netview 7.1.5 vs PrecisionIP v3.6

g. January News Letter

h. Since so much of the above involves Java :- Facts about Java

...and much more to come. Watch this space...

Hope the above provides some direction on delving into Tivoli Netcool and getting some hands-on experience ;-).

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