Friday, March 21, 2008

GBSCMD V3.5 new features

In the past, we have posted few articles about gbscmd. We have updated the tool with few additional cool features such as clearing offline entries, executing commands on the agents and refreshing TEC EIF Integration component. This article explains how to use these features.

Clearing Offline Entries

This is one of the long requested requirement. Whenever the servers are decommissioned from monitoring environment, one has to remove the servers by selecting "Clear Offline" from TEP. However, there are no CLI equivalent for this function in tacmd, which is a handicap if you want to automate the decommisioning process. You can use gbscmd clearoffline feature to perform this function from command line.

Executing commands on agents

I wrote an earlier blog article about this feature. This feature is very handy to run non-interactive commands on the remote monitoring system. However, this feature does not capture the output of the command.

Refreshing TEC EIF Adapter component

If your site relies on tecserver.txt for setting situation severities or updates the MAP files frequently, any changes to these files require hub TEMS restart. Instead, you can use the refresheif feature of gbscmd to cycle the EIF component alone.


The following example restarts a Windows OS agent.
gbscmd command --auth ~/itm61.auth --command "net stop kntcma_primary && net start kntcma_primary" --managedsystem Primary:ITM61:NT

The following example restarts a Unix OS agent.
gbscmd command --auth ~/itm61.auth --command "/opt/IBM/ITM/bin/itmcmd agent stop ux;/opt/IBM/ITM/bin/itmcmd agent start ux" --managedsystem uxitm61:KUX

The following example clears an offline entry, which can be handy when servers are decommissioned from the monitoring environment.

gbscmd clearoffline --auth ~/itm61.auth --managedsystem uxitm61:KUX

More Info

You can download the manual from here. Please contact Tony (Tony.Delgross at if you have any questions or need a copy of gbscmd.

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