Thursday, March 13, 2008

How many attribute groups can appear in a metafile?

Even though creating a big metafile has its own disadvantages due to version changes, there may be few instances where you will end up with a big metafile if a particular application has lot of "static" monitoring needs. For example, SNMP DP Universal agent may have one attribute group for each SNMP TRAP and some of them might have hundreds of traps. In these cases, you might approach the ITM default limit for maximum attribute groups per metafile (application). This article talks about this issue and a way to get around it.

What is the maximum number of attribute groups per metafile?

It is 64.

What if I have more than 64 attribute groups per metafile?

Use the KUMA_MAX_ATTRGROUPS_PER_APPL variable in um.ini file to override it. For example, setting KUMA_MAX_ATTRGROUPS_PER_APPL=128 will increase the limit to 128. You need to restart the Universal agent after setting this environment variable.

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