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ITM 6.1 ????Netcool Omnibus Integration Steps

As IBM moves to Netcool Omnibus as its primary event handling mechanism, it is imperative to understand the integration mechanism of Omnibus with its other famous cousin, ITM 6.1. This article gives you a high-level overview of how the integration works and gives you necessary instructions to get the integration working.

ObjectServerOmnibus ObjectServer is the in-memory database server at the core of Netcool Omnibus. ObjectServer receives events from various sources and process/display them according to the specification. This is analogous to TEC Event server. ProbesProbe is an Omnibus component that connects to an event source, receives events from that source and forwards the events to ObjectServer. For ITM integration, we need to use Tivoli Event Adapter probe a.k.a TME10tecad probe. EventListA GUI application that shows the events received by Netcool Omnibus. You can bring up the EventList by typing nco_event in your Unix terminal. Make sure you have X-Windows server such as Exceed running.
How does the integration work?
ITM uses OTEA (Omegamon TEC Event Adapter) to send events to TEC. The OTEA is very similar to a NT Event Adapter/TEC Event Adapter. To send events to Omnibus, you just need to install a TEC Event Adapter probe on a system and modify the ITM om_tec.config file to point to the server running the probe. To ITM, the probe will appear as a TEC server. The probe on receiving events from ITM, will forward them to the real Omnibus ObjectServer specified in its rules file. The following diagram shows the integration of these components.
Setting up the software from scratch requires quite a few downloads from Netcool/IBM download site. The list of products needed are given below.
  • Netcool/OMNIbus, v7.1, AIX 5L 5X, HP-UX 11, HP-UX 10.x, Solaris (Sun Microsystems), Windows 2000/XP/Version 7.1 (Download Omnibus V7.1 for your platform, License Server and License file)
  • NetCool/Omnibus User, V7.1, AIX 5L 5X, HP-UX 11, HP-UX 10.x, Solaris (Sun Microsystems), Windows 2000 Version 7.1 (just the .lic file only)
  • Netcool/Omnibus Probes for Nonnative-base - eAssembly
  • Netcool/Omnibus Probes for Tivoli EIF eAssembly.
  • Download Tivoli & Netcool Event Flow Integration solution from OPAL. (TEC_Omnibus_IntegrationFlows.tar). The latest version as of this writing is V3.0.
  • Integration Steps
    Integrating ITM 6.1 with Omnibus involves the following major activities. 1. Install Omnibus and create an ObjectServer (if needed) 2. Install Tivoli Event Adapter Probe and point it to the ObjectServer created above. 3. Modify om_tec.config in ITM environment pointing it to the Event Adapter probe. 4. Reconfigure the Hub TEMS Server and specify the probe server as your TEC Server.
    Installation Steps - A Quick Overview
    The following steps are needed to get ITM-Omnibus integration working right from the scratch.
    1. Install Netcool Omnibus V7.1
    2. Install Netcool License server.
    3. Install your licenses in $NCHOME/license/etc folder.
    4. Create a Netcool Object Server to which events will be sent.
    5. Start the license server and ObjectServer.
    6. Install Omnibus Probe support on your probe server.
    7. Install Netcool/Omnibus Probes library for Non-native base on the probe server.
    8. Install Netcool/Omnibus Probes binary for Tivoli EIF on the probe server.
    9. On the probe server, extract ITM Omnibus Integration solution that you downloaded from OPAL and copy tme10tecad.rules files to %OMNIHOME%\probes\ directory.
    10. On the probe server, Create a file called %OMNIHOME%\probes\win32\tivoli_eif.props and the following lines to it.
    PortNumber : 5529
    Inactivity : 3600
    11. Bring up Server Editor and add the entries (ObjectServer name, hostname and port number) for your Netcool server.
    12. Start the Probe Service by starting the "NCO Nonnative Probe" Service.
    13. Change the om_tec.conf on the ITM hub server to reflect the connectivity information of the probe server that you did in step 10.
    14. Fire a test situation and ensure that the event is received by Netcool. You can verify this by bringing up Omnibus EventList (nco_event).
    The screenshot of events appearing in Omnibus EventList is shown below.

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