Thursday, March 13, 2008

ITM 6.1 Fixpack 4 conundrum

Just observed this small weird behavior after upgrading to ITM fixpack 4. As you know, the SOAP Server is disabled on RTEMS for Unix/Linux platforms to improve the stability from fixpack 3 onwards. However, this has an interesting side effect. Read on.

Viewing depot contents

When SOAP was enabled on RTEMS, you could directly logon to the RTEMS using tacmd login and view the contents of depot using "tacmd viewdepot" command. I remember back in Fixpack 1 level, you don't even have to authenticate to view the depot contents. However, now you need to authenticate before you can view the depot contents. After Fixpack 3, you can't logon to the RTEMS using "tacmd login". So, how do you view the depot contents?

The answer is logon to the HUB TEMS and use the "-j" switch to the tacmd viewdepot command along with the name of the RTEMS. For example, if you have a HTEMS named tivoli1_HUB and a RTEMS named tivoli2_REMOTE, to view the depot contents, issue the following command.

$ tacmd login -s tivoli1 -u sysadmin -p 'blah'
$ tacmd viewdepot -j tivoli2_REMOTE

Hope you find it useful.

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