Saturday, March 15, 2008

Simple Postemsg-like solution for ITM 6.x

Posted by: venkat on Jan 23, 2008 - 09:44 PM

One of the most convenient features of classic Tivoli event adapter is the postemsg command. Using this you can send custom events to TEC from your scripts/CLI. In ITM 6.1, there is no such equivalent command available though one can design such a solution in just three steps. This article discuss a way to setup postemsg like solution in ITM 6.x


The idea is to use gbscmd sendmessage command to write a custom message to ITM Universal Message Console and develop a situation to forward any messages written to Universal Message Console.

Step 1: Create a situation

Now develop a simple situation to forward Universal Message Log entries with the following formula. Hint. Create a situation under "Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server".

(Originnode == AND Category == GBSMSG)

It is important to include "Originnode" in your condition. Otherwise, the situation will not fire. Distribute the situation to *HUB. Associate and start the situation.

Step 2: Write to Universal Message Console using Gbscmd

You can send a message to Universal Message Console using the following command.

gbscmd sendmessage --auth --message "some test message" --category "GBSMSG" --severity 2

Step 3: Verify the results

Ensure that the message appears in Situation Event Console and if you have Netcool/TEC Integration enabled, the message should also appear in the respective consoles.

Posted by Venkat Saranathan


Unknown said...

Hi guys, Only a question because I cant create a situation without a value in the originnode attribute, How can I doit?

Venkat said...

There is a typo in the situation formula. The correct formula should read as (Originnode == YourHTEMSName AND Category == GBSMSG).

Hope this helps.

Unknown said...

Very good this solution, but I have a little problem, when I received only one event of ITM_Universal_Message type at my Omnibus Console but it was triggered more than one event on the ITM Situation console :( how can I resolved this? I see that the others events they are in the ITMEventData attribute on the Omnibus Console but is like the pure situation resume all the events in one event at the netcool console.