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Modified applet.html file to resolve one TEP IE browser connection error.

Posted by: napomokoetle on Feb 18, 2008 - 05:11 PM

This short blog is related to the blog I wrote a while ago title "Upgrade from ITM6.1 FP6 to ITM6.2 may break logon through IE TEP".
I had not posted the applet.html file I'm posting herein with the original blog I wrote on the problem because IBM/Tivoli had insisted the problem was unique to the environment I was working on at the time.

Well I guess the error has proven not to be unique to the environment I was working on since other folks keep seeing the same problem and requesting I pass them the modified applet.html file. Posting the file here will save me from searching all over for the file every time I get asked for it by those who would like to try it out.


Upgraded from ITM6.1 FP6 to ITM6.2 RTM:

TEPS & TEMS installed on same W2K3 (Dual 3.06 GHz Intel Xeon (Hyper-threaded0) host with 3808MB ram.

PROBLEM: From an XP remote host, TEP in IE 6.0.2800 browser reports “cannot connect” error.
When I clicked on the Java WebStart created icon I got the same error as in IE browser.

Plugin150.trace reports:

(475405aa.0c474f80-(null)AWT-EventQueue-2:Bundle,0,"Bundle.Bundle(String,String,Locale,String)") Resource bundle: id = kjri, baseName = candle.kjr.resources.KjrImageBundle, actual locale used:

(475405b4.10ed7f00-(null)Thread-10:DataBus,0,"DataBus.make()") EXCEPTION: Unable to create DataBus object: org.omg.CORBA.INITIALIZE: Could not initialize (com/borland/sanctuary/c4/EventHandler) unexpected EOF at offset=0 vmcid: 0x0 minor code: 0 completed: No

(475405b4.10ed7f00-(null)Thread-10:QueryModelMgr,0,"QueryModelMgr.QueryModelMgr()") EXCEPTION: InstantiationException --> Unable to instantiate DataBus object

(475405b4.10ed7f00-(null)Thread-10:QueryModelMgr,0,"QueryModelMgr.make()") EXCEPTION: InstantiationException --> Unable to instantiate QueryModelMgr object

(475405b4.10ed7f00-(null)Thread-10:LogonDialog,0,"LogonDialog.processOK()") EXCEPTION: Unable to connect to CandleNet Portal server:

(475405b6.33611380-(null)AWT-EventQueue-2:CNPClientMgr,0,"CNPClientMgr.terminate(CNPAppContext,boolean)") Performing normal exit of TEP Workplace

(475405b6.33611380-(null)AWT-EventQueue-2:UserManager,0,"UserManager.loadPermissionXRef()") Error loading User Permission Cross-Reference tables: KFWITM219E Request failed during creation.

After some multiple cycles troubleshooting the error with IBM, they eventually made a couple changes to the applet.html for me to try out. Please make a backup copy of your current applet.html, and then replace the version found in your ..\cnb directory with the attachment on the link below. If this makes no difference in your testing, then you will need to open an ITM 6.2 PMR with IBM/Tivoli so that support can work this issue to a successful conclusion with you.

Click here to download the modified applet.html

J. Napo Mokoetle

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