Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Postemsg for ITM 6?

Postemsg lets you send alert to TEC from an external source like a script or application. Here's how you can use SOAP calls and a dummy situation to generate alerts a similar way in ITM 6...

Create a "dummy" situation, example I used Windows Universal_Time attribute group and Seconds attribute. I set the formula to True if Seconds==0 and unchecked the "Run at startup" box.

Now I can issue CT_Alert SOAP method calls (easiest way is to use gbscmd) to the SOAP interface to generate alerts, and CT_Reset method calls to close the alerts from my external script or application.

This isn't exactly a postemsg equivalent in ITM 6 because I'm limited to the attributes in the .atr file, but it is still handy.

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