Monday, March 10, 2008

ITM 6.1 Terms and their 'Tivoli??????????????? equivalents

For those trying to learn ITM 6.1, one of the greatest difficulties is how to relate the functions of the new product with that of the old one. This article gives you some of the terms in ITM 6.1 and what they "used to be" in Framework/DM 3.7. Hope you find it useful while learning the product.

ITM 6.1 TermTivoli TermComments
Hub TEMS (Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server)TMR Server
Remote TEMS (Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server)Gateway
Tivoli Enterprise Portal ClientTivoli Desktop
Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agent(TEMA) or AgentEndpointIn ITM 6.1, it is common to have single system running multiple agents.
Managed System List (MSL)Profile Manager subscribers
Universal Agent (UA)Custom script (scustom or ncustom in DM 3.7)
SOAP Methodsidlcall or idlattr
Enterprise Information Base (EIB) databaseObject database (odb)
Start/Stop situationEnable/Disable monitors
UA File Data Provider/Unix LogAlert AgentLog file AdapterLog file adapters are fully supported in ITM 6.1
Windows OS Agent (NT_Monitored_Log)NT Event AdapterNT Event Adapters are fully supported in ITM 6.1
Situation Event ConsoleTEC ConsolePlease note that TEC Console provides more functionality than a Situation Event Console
tacmd listSystemswepstatusTo list the endpoints and their status
tacmd viewSitwlsmonTo view the monitors

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