Monday, March 10, 2008

Universal Agent: HTTP caveats

Another ongoing list of useful tidbits based on experiences using the Universal Agent HTTP data provider. Add your experiences as well...

1. Once the Universal Agent is installed and the HTTP data provider is started (edit KUMENV and put http in the KUMA_STARTUP_DP), it's possible to create a situation and add attribute items from the MANAGED_URL attribute group (URL and status for example) and immediately start monitoring that URL once the situation is distributed/saved, without any further configuration. It's not necessary to also add the URL to the KUMPURLS file.

2. If you enter a URL in the KUMPURLS file and decide to monitor the data with a situation, your URL attribute item value in the situation has to be the exact same case as the URL in the KUMPURLS file, even if you've already created a situation prior to putting the URL in KUMPURLS file. Otherwise the situation will not fire for that URL. A good rule of thumb I've found is to look at the data being returned in the MANAGED_URL workspace under the INTERNET data provider in the TEP navigator to see what is really being returned.

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