Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ITM 6.1 Fix Pack 2 - New Features and OS Support

So ITM Fix Pack 2 is finally here, it was delivered on time - 6/30/06. We have been working with this code and have implemented various portions of it into our ITM Workshops - making our workshops more up to date than ANYONE elses. Why are we so excited about this fix pack - it's a step in the Enterprise direction...

What do I mean by Enterprise direction? Well first - the Warehouse Proxy Agent will run on Linux now - eliminating the requirement for a Windows server, you entire deployment can be done on Linux now.

Second - Firewall Gateway to enable proxy communications over a firewall and restrict port usage.

Third - multiple Warehouse Proxy Agents can be used in a single TEMS. Each WPA is assigned a finite number of RTEMS that it is responsible for.

Fourth - additional OS support. Of note is the addition of 64 bit support of various Linux distributions and Windows 2003.

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