Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Making sense of Universal Message Console log

Universal message console log is a log file where situation and policy events are written. You can also use the universal message console log as a place to applications can write messages. This article describes the three ways to write events into Universal message console log.

Using SOAP method call

You can write events to Universal message console log by using the CT_WTO SOAP method call. My previous articles about SOAP describe how to invoke this method call using Perl.

Using Situation Editor

You can write events about the situation events by checking "Universal Message" radio button in the "Action Selection" field in "Action" tab.

Writing directly into Universal Message log

One other way to write to Universal message log is to write directly into the text log file. The universal messages are stored in a file called kdsmain.msg under /cms directory. Not sure if it is supported, but one should be able to write events in the following format "

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