Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Introduction to gbscmd

During the last few weeks, we have been publishing some sample code to acknowledge or close situations, list running situations etc. Now, here is a Perl program that integrates all these features under one program, gbscmd. The syntax of gbscmd is similar to ITM's tacmd but gbscmd provides the functionalities that are not provided by tacmd by using SOAP method calls.


gbscmd requires the TEMS.pm and GBSSoap.pm modules. If you do not have these modules installed, please download it from here. It also requires Getopt::Long module for parsing command line arguments. Getopt::Long module is a built-in module for most of the Perl distributions.

What you can do with gbscmd

At this point, you can do the following operations using gbscmd. However, as we find more SOAP calls, we can easily add more features to this program.

  • Start a situation

  • Stop a situation

  • Acknowledge a situation

  • Reset (Close) a situation

  • List running situations

  • Send message to Universal Message Log

  • Examples

    To start a situation using default userid, password and port settings.

    perl gbscmd startsit --server localhost --situation

    To stop a situation using default userid and password on a TEMS running on Port 3661

    perl gbscmd stopsit --server localhost --port 3661 --situation

    To acknowledge a situation using default userid, password and port settings with a default message "Auto-acknowledged".

    perl gbscmd acksit --server localhost --situation --source

    To close a situation.

    perl gbscmd resetSit --server localhost --situation --source

    To show currently running situations,

    perl gbscmd sitStatusHistory --server localhost

    To send a message to Universal Message log or console with severity "low".

    perl gbscmd sendMessage --server localhost --message --severity Low

    Tips and Notes

  • You can abbreviate the command line options as long as they are unique, for example, --ser can be used instead of --server.

  • Options are NOT case sensitive

  • Unlike tacmd, the credential information is NOT cached anywhere, so if you are using non-default settings, then you have to pass
    the authentication information everytime using --user and --password options

  • Download

    gbscmd is available for registered users. Are you a registered user? If so, please contact Tony Delgross by email at tony_delgross@gulfsoft.com or by phone at 919-206-4466. We apologize for the inconvenience. At GulfBreeze, We are fully committed to contributing to Tivoli community and to our customers, but some of our competitors exploit our good intentions deliberately. We are working on making this process as painless as possible for genuine users but please bear with us until then. Thank you very much for your understanding.

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