Monday, March 10, 2008

Using wnavpop

Ever been annoyed by all the extra icons in the Tivoli Navigator that you never use. With some simple modifications of the wnavpop script you can get rid of those annoying icons.

As an example, we will remove the NetwareManagedSite icon.

Sample Navigator

First thing to do is make a copy of the original wnavpop and save it into some directory. The file is located in BINDIR\bin.

Edit the copied file with your favorite text editor. Find the lines:

PRES=`wlookup -r Presentation NetWareManagedSite`
if [ -n "$PRES" ]
$COMM $SCT NetWareManagedSite $PRES ipx no_return launch

Then comment each line out.

#PRES=`wlookup -r Presentation NetWareManagedSite`
#if [ -n "$PRES" ]
# $COMM $SCT NetWareManagedSite $PRES ipx no_return launch
# foo=bar

Then execute the wnavpop. Remember that this is a bash script so if you are on Windows, you will need to execute bash wnavpop

After the script is complete, you start a new Navigator and you should see

Have Fun!

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