Saturday, March 8, 2008

Using kshsoap.exe Client

ITM 6.1 supplies a number of ways to interface with the ITM SOAP server. In this article I will show how the kshsoap executable can be used.

The kshsoap.exe can be found on your TEMS server in the cms directory. For example, C:\IBM\ITM\cms\kshsoap.exe. The syntax of the command is as follows:

kshsoap.exe parm1 parm2


Parm1 is a file containing the soap request.
Parm2 is the URL of the soap server

Here is an example:

1) Create a file getsystems.txt and put the following code in it:

Type in the file:


2) Create a file called c:\IBM\ITM\cms\url.txt

Type in the file:


3) Run the program:

c:\IBM\ITM\cms\kshsoap.exe getsystems.txt url.txt

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