Saturday, March 8, 2008

ITM 6.1 SOAP Methods Overview

This article will highlight some of the basic ITM 6.1 methods and how they can be used. It will also describe how attributes can be found and gathered via SOAP calls.

ITM 6.1 SOAP calls can be used to do the following:

Stop or start policies and situations
Forward messages and display them on a Universal Message console
Retrieve attribute data that you can display in charts or reports
Open and close events
Make real-time requests for data
Issue SOAP requests as system commands in TEP

ITM 6.1 SOAP calls can be made from the following client interfaces:


ITM 6.1 SOAP methods:

CT_Get - Retrieve CMS/agents data
CT_Alert - Raise an Alert to an existing situation
CT_Reset -Close a situation
CT_Acknowledge - Acknowledge a situation event
CT_Resurface - Change an acknowledged event to open
CT_WTO - Send a Universal Message
CT_Activate - Start a situation or policy
CT_Deactivate - Stop a situation or policy
CT_Execute - Execute a file on the TEMS server

For more details download a recent presentation I did on ITM 6.1 SOAP??????????????? ITM61_soap_workshop.pdf

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