Thursday, March 6, 2008

Use Google Desktop Search from your TEC Rules

I know some of you are thinking Jason has finally gone off the deep end, but stick with for a minute.

Why not integrate Google Desktop Search with TEC rules?

The approach is simple, you have a desktop or server where all of your event documentation and runbooks are stored. When an event is received, an action or task is triggered the executes GDSDUMP.EXE - the is the command line plugin from Robert Rainwater. The syntax is simple

GDSDump.exe "keywords phrase" > dump.txt
The output is sent to the file you specify in XML format - so it could read in by a simple browser front end. The Google Desktop Search command line plugin can be found at http://www.iqsoftware.bizYes - it is different and a little weird, but this has great potential to take the human factor out of finding information about an event.

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