Thursday, March 6, 2008

OpenESM for Prolog V1 Released

We have contributed some new prolog modules to the OpenESM project on Sourceforge. Please feel free to download them. If you have any questions please feel free to use this forum to ask questions (i.e., this post).

From the Readme:

Gulf Breeze Prolog modules and IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console rules
Gulf Breeze Software Partners (
I.V. Blankenship (

BAROC Class definitions to support default heartbeat functionality
provided by

Sets up call to clear old frequency trigger records out of memory
(the record database)

Rule set to initialize gb_audit functionality

Rule set to initialize and process gb_cron functionality

Rule set to provide check after interval capability

Rule set to initialize heartbeat capability

Unified TEC start rule set that enables all GB module capabilities.
When this rule set is used the only other rule set required is the
gb_timer.rls set.

Unified TEC timer rule set that enables all GB module capabilities.
When this rule set is used the only other rule set required is the
gb_tec_start.rls set.

Provides predicates that allow an audit like capability in TEC.
Entries may be written to audit files at specific points during rule
execution to indicate new event reception, dropping of events,
forwarding, or any user defined action. Audit files are rotated on a
user selected time.

Provides a mechanism to check attributes of an event after a specified
interval and do something when the conditions are met, not met, or in
either case. Will only use 1 timer and 1 timer only, no matter how
many events need to be checked.

Implements a unix like cron capability inside the TEC rule engine

Provides predicates to generate identifiers for individual events or
groups of events. This capability is utilized by several other GB

Generic ability to look for x number of events in a sliding time
window. No timer used.

Generic heartbeat predicates for use within TEC rules to process
events as heartbeats. This implementation has a number of advantages
over the TEC supplied heartbeat implementation:
1. Any event can be a heartbeat.
2. Missed events and resume events can be specified as any class
with any set of attributes.
3. Ability to preserve heartbeat data in case of a TEC restart.
4. Can specify a number of missed heartbeat occurances and holes as
in ITM before a missed event will be generated.
5. Uses only 1 timer resource.

Predicates to stat, rename, and read files. Clone events. Get event
class hierarchies. Increment or decrement event severities.
Perl script that will convert files generated by the gb_audit module
into XML. The script also provides the capability to create XML and a
XSD schema that can be imported directly into Microsoft Access with
column types defined as proper Access types.

GNU Public License text

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