Monday, March 10, 2008

Upcoming TUG Presentations

Next week I will be presenting my 'Real World Experiences with ITM 6.1??????????????? presentation at three TUG meetings. This presentation is sort of a state of the union on the status of ITM 6.1 at this point.

If you recall, Jason and I have authored four books on ITM 6.1 and at least 5 Gulfsoft consultants participated in the beta program. We also have four certified ITM 6.1 consultant/trainers and have delivered over 10 training classes and implemented ITM 6.1 on at least 10 consulting engagements already this year. I have tried to take all of our consultants and trainers combined knowledge and use it in this presentation. I am hoping it will be a really good presentation. Hope to see you at one of the TUG meetings.

New Jersey - Monday 5/16/06
Tri-State Users Group

Albany NY - Tuesday 6/17/06

NYC Wednesday 6/18/06

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