Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ITM 6.1 Universal Agent SNMP Discovery

The Universal Agent available with ITM 6.1 is incredibly powerful. One of the options you have is to use the SNMP data provider to perform discovery of the network and do SNMP queries.

This article is going to show how to enable simple SNMP discovery on your local network.

On a system where the Universal Agent has been deployed, locate the KUMPENV file. On Windows this is typically in the \IBM\ITM\TMAITM directory. Open this file in Wordpad and search for the KUMA_STARTUP_DP line. At the end of this line add a comma and then SNMP.

Restart your Universal Agent and immediately the Universal Agent will start pinging devices on the local subnet. It will also try to SNMP query using the "public" community string.

I don't recommend doing this large scale - but it has possibilities for people that don't want or need to use something like Netview or Openview to simply ping servers for Up/Down.

In the next two week we will expand on the usage of this SNMP provider and put it to good use.

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Unknown said...

Is Universal Agent SNMP provider generate traps for all the devices which are to be discovered. Is it possible to calculate availability of device using ITM6.x

Please send me documents related to device availability using IBM Tivoli tool to my id