Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Based on discussions with customers and colleagues - we felt it appropriate to publish this FAQ on ITM 6.1

Q: Can I upgrade from ITM 5.x to ITM 6.1 ?
A: No, at this time ITM 5.x can not be upgraded - an upgrade path from DM 3.7 is available however.

Q: Can ITM 5.x data be presented in ITM 6.1
A: Yes, there is an ITM 6.1 agent that can be deployed to servers running ITM 5.1.2 Fixpack 6 to collect data and present it in the ITM 6.1 Tivoli Enterprise Portal.

Q: We have custom monitors that use shell scripts and interact with WMI, how can I move those to ITM 6.1?
A: You will have to use the "Universal Agent" from ITM 6.1 to execute your scripts and return the data.

Q: Does ITM 6.1 require the Tivoli Framework or/and Tivoli endpoint agent ?
A: No, ITM 6.1 is a completely stand alone product and can be implemented independently of the Tivoli Framework.

Q: Is the new Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server (TEPS) like the old web health console in ITM 5.1.1 ?
A: Yes and No - Yes you can view all of your performance and historical data here. No in the regards that it is not limited to just ITM data. You can launch Netview or TEC sessions directly within the portal or even just point to a URL.

Q: What is exactly the "event syncronisation" feature?
A: Event Sync establishes a return path from TEC to ITM 6.1. For example, if I have an ITM 6.1 monitor send an event to TEC and I CLOSE the event in TEC, the Event Sync will close the event in the ITM 6.1

Q: What are all of these agents: Universal, Summarization and Pruning, Monitoring for OS
A: Each monitoring function requires the use of a separate agent in ITM 6.1. To monitor ths OS, you use the OS Monitoring Agent - to monitor a Database, you will use the Database agent for Oracle/DB2/etc... agent. The Universal Agent is a catch all agent, if you need to collect data from an application log or execute a script - use the Universal agent. The Summarization and pruning agent replaces some of the ETL functionality from the old Tivoli Data Warehouse, it performs summarization and retirement of data from the Data Warehouse.

Q: Can I still use commands like "wdmlseng" wdmcmd" etc
A: No, these commands were not ported to ITM 6.1, instead you will use a command called "tacmd".

Q: I don't see any documentation about "Resource Models" does this exist on ITM 6.1 ?
A: Resource Models, do not exist as we know them in ITM 6.1. Instead, we have "situations" which can be an individual metric or many metrics compared with each other to determine status.

Q: Is ITM 6.1 is the same product as Omegamon from Candle?
A: Sort of. ITM 6.1 is based on the code from Omegamon that IBM purchased a couple years ago. Significant steps have been taken to enhance the scalability and usability in the enterprise however.

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