Monday, March 10, 2008

How to get WPA to work with a remote Oracle DB

This is not documented in the install guides. My real life experiences on getting the WPA to work with a remote Oracle warehouse db...

You have to install the "Administration" option of the Oracle client as the lighter install option does not include the Oracle ODBC driver (you won't see the driver as selectable in ODBC manager, only the built-in Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle).

Once the full client is installed, configure it to connect to your database TNSname.

Create a ODBC System DSN called "ITM Warehouse" and select the new Oracle driver that now shows up in ODBC manager.

Configure the ODBC connection and give it your TNS name, which ties the ODBC connection to your actual database.

Test the ODBC connection from ODBC manager.

Right-click WPA from MTEMS and configure, select Oracle and point the ODBC settings at the "ITM Warehouse" ODBC DSN you created.

Restart WPA, wait a couple of minutes and check the latest $CANDLEHOME/logs/*hd*.log logfile and make sure the WPA successfully connected to your Oracle warehouse db.

Configure historical data collection to run and after first WPA interval, make sure the log and database show the new tables created in warehouse db for the attribute groups you chose to roll into the warehouse.

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