Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How To: Deploy your scripts and metafiles from TEMS

In this article I'll show you step by step how to use ITM to send your scripts and metafiles down to the UA, and load or refresh them, all without having access to where the UA is running from, and not using the "metafile server"...

1. Create two directories called UASCRIPT and UACONFIG

Create these directories under the agent depot directory on your TEMS (and RTEMS). This directory is by default located under $CANDLEHOME/tables/temshostname/depot on Unix/Linux, and $CANDLEHOME\cms\Depot on Windows.

2. ***Put your UA metafiles in UACONFIG and you UA scripts in BOTH directories.

You have to put your scripts in both directories if you want to be able to use tacmd addSystem/configureSystem commands to remotely deploy the UA and remotely push and load/reload your metafiles and scripts. This is due to an apparent bug in tacmd where it is looking for your script in UACONFIG, even though all documentation clearly states to put it in UASCRIPT.

3. You now have two options to push the scripts and metafiles to the remote UAs - from TEP GUI, or from tacmd command line.

Deploy a new UA remotely with metafiles and scripts
a. Right click the Managed System in navigator and select Add Managed System
b. On the next screen, enter the metafile (or metafiles, comma-separated), and script (or scripts, comma separated)
c. Click Finish to deploy the UA with metafile and script

Change a metafile remotely
a. Right click the UA in navigator and select Configure.
b. Input the metafile on the next screen and click FInish

Deploy a new UA remotely with metafiles and scripts
a. tacmd addSystem -t UA -n [nodename] -p "UA.CONFIG=test.mdl" "UA.SCRIPT=test.pl" "UA.RESTART=Y"

Change a metafile remotely
a. tacmd configureSystem -m [nodename]:UA -p "UA.CONFIG=test.mdl" "UA.SCRIPT=test.pl" "UA.RESTART=Y"

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