Wednesday, March 12, 2008

gbscmd v2.1

Here is the latest release of gbscmd v2.1. For the starters, gbscmd is a perl program developed by Gulfbreeze to do many ITM operations via CLI. This article describes the new features in gbscmd and gives information about how to get the latest release.

What I can do with gbscmd and What is new in V2.1?

Here is the full list of things that you can do in gbscmd. New features are highlighted in bold.

  • Start/stop a situation

  • Acknowledge a situation

  • Close (reset) a situation

  • List the status history of all situations

  • Send Message to Universal Messge Log

  • List all Managed System Lists or information about particular MSL

  • List all policies or information about a particular policy

  • Execute SQL Queries and extract information from the EIB database

  • List all managed systems, their status and the RTEMS they are connected to

  • Ability to set a situation to true value using alertsit or resurfacesit

  • Ability to list currently running situations on a given managed system or on all managed systems

  • Ability to execute ct_get method calls from command line.

  • and many more features are coming up soon!

    How do I use the new features?

    If you want to set a situation to true value on a particular managed system, you can use the alertsit/resurfacesit method call.
    perl gbscmd alertSit --server itm61 --situation --source [--data "Alert text"]

    The following gbscmd shows the currently running situations on the given managed system. If you omit the --managedsystem switch, it will list the running situations on all managed systems.
    perl gbscmd showsit --server itm61 --managedsystem Primary:viking:NT

    The following command retrieves the information about all managed systems from EIB table using CT_Get call. It is similar to tacmd listsystems.
    perl gbscmd ct_get --server itm61 --object ManagedSystem

    How do I get the gbscmd?

    gbscmd is available for free for our registered users. If you have already subscribed for gbscmd, we'll automatically send you the latest version via email. If you are a registered user and would like to subscribe for gbscmd, please contact Tony Delgross by email at or by phone at 919-206-4466. We apologize for the inconvenience. At GulfBreeze, We are fully committed to contributing to Tivoli community and to our customers, but some of our competitors exploit our good intentions deliberately. We are working on making this process as painless as possible for genuine users but please bear with us until then. Thank you very much for your understanding.

    Not a registered user? Registration is easy. Please click here to signup.

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