Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Depot management in ITM 6.1

You started your ITM implementation with ITM 6.1 and two fixpacks came out already. One side effect of these fixpacks is that your depot might have some old package contents lying there unnecessarily. This article explains the depot management commands and how to perform cleanup on the depot.

In ITM6.1, the depot management can be done using "tacmd" command. John Willis published a great article about tacmd sometime back and it is good reference for this purpose.

How do I add a bundle to the depot?

Use tacmd addBundles. For example, to add a Linux OS Agent to your depot for remote deployment, do the following steps.

1. Mount the cdrom containing Linux ITM6.1 installation software.
2. View the depot contents on the CDROM using tacmd listBundles. Assuming your cdrom path is /mnt/cdrom, the following command shows the listBundles
tacmd listBundles --imagePath /mnt/cdrom/unix
3. Add the Linux OS Agent bundle to your depot using the following command.
tacmd addBundles --imagePath /mnt/cdrom/unix -t lz

Please note that when you add the lz bundle using above command, other dependent bundles such as gs (GSKit) and ax (Shared libraries) are added to the depot as well. You should not remove these bundles from the depot.

How do I list the bundles that's already available on my depot?

Use tacmd viewdepot. Don't confuse viewdepot with listBundles. listBundles shows the images that are on the CDROM or installation media whereas viewdepot shows the contents of the depot.

How do I delete the bundles that are not needed?

It is little tricky here. There is no removedepot command. You need to use removeBundles specifying appropriate directory path containing the deployable image.How do we find out the correct directory path? Let us take an example.

tacmd viewdepot
Product Code : lz
Version : 061000000
Description : Monitoring Agent for Linux OS
Host Type : li6263
Host Version : li6263
Prerequisites: ci:061002000,ax:061002000,jr:040000000,ui:061002000,gs:073000000,

The corresponding directory within the depot directory is /packages/li6263/klz/061000000. Now issue the removeBundles specifying the full path to the directory.

C:\>tacmd removeBundles -i C:\ibm\itm\cms\depot\packages\li6263\klz\061000000

Issue tacmd viewDepot to make sure the entry is gone.

Hope you find this information useful.

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