Friday, March 7, 2008

The CINFO command in ITM 6.1

Another useful command in ITM 6.1 is the cinfo command. The cinfo command can be used on your TEMS to do the following:

  • Display the installed products and product codes

  • Display the configuration settings for an installed product

  • Display the status of ITM 6.1 processes running on a TEMS
  • The cinfo -r command will list an inventory of all the products installed on the local machine (i.e. seeded products).

    The cinfo -c will display the configuration settings as they where displayed as prompts when the product was installed. For example, the cinfo -c ms will display configuration setting for the local TEMS, such as network protocol (ip.pipe), ports, secondary TEMS, TEC integration etc

    The cinfo will show the running ITM 6.1 processes on the current system by product code along with the UNIX PID of the process.

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