Tuesday, March 11, 2008

updateAgent timeout


I have an AIX hub/remote TEMS @ FP02. After installing the Windows agent to the depots with addBundles, I am trying to update the Windows agents.

The updateAgent command runs and does upgrade the Windows agent. However, the command running on the TEMS does not come back indicating the update finished.

Instead, the command just hangs - eventually coming back with:

KUICUA015E: The updateAgent command did not complete because an error occurred. Refer to the following error returned from the server:

A timeout occurred while waiting for an agent task to complete on XYZ.

The agent task did not complete within the configured time out period.

Verify that the target system is online. Increase the time out value and try the operation again.

ListSystems indicates the agent is at the new rev level. Any ideas why the command is going to timeout even though the agent appears to update?

Thanks in advance.

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